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About Us

India - The land of mystics!
Hundreds of mystics have left their foot prints on this land - 
Hundreds of exquisite temples have carved out of artisians
inspired from the ancient mystics.


Rajesh & Bhagwati started wandering 25 years before, searching and admiring these temples and started identifying the artist family who created them.
That is how Gallery Mystica came into existence from 1996.

An invitation to celebrate the poetry in stones...


Gallery Mystica - An unique art gallery from Pune, India - Dedicated to Osho's vision of creativity and the ancient art of Indian Sculpturing. Here the gallery presents an exclusive collection of mystic sculptures carved by award-winning sculptors of India. The Work is in vivid media like stone, wood and metal. Sculptures of gods, goddesses, dancers, singers and the world famous figures of Khajurao. - A fusion of theme, and aesthetic craftsmanship that has survived the centuries. The collection also offers a distinct series of Buddha's sculptures in different moods. The gallery also offers sculptures as per requirement in various sizes and material.


Arte Mystica - outside view

Arte Mystica (GOA-India)


Arte Mystica - inside view


The famous Khajurao Temple in India

The works are hand carved by sculptors who are descendents of ancient Indian sculptors. Some of them have won National Awards for their excellency in craftsmanship.
The art that has traveled the path of centuries.
The collection is updated every month.
Come, experience the visual glory of India, captured in stone.

Suman Exports - As one of the leading promoters of art, the export division of Gallery Mystica exports these works all over the world, including U.S.A., Germany and Holland, Today the work is a part of the proud collection of art lovers and companies in India and abroad.